Studio Kocowisch is founded by Willem Schouten and Koen Coppens and is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Kocowisch is a 3D design studio with their own label. They strive to find shapes that are timeless and make high quality products that can stand the test of time. All products are handmade in The Netherlands in small editions.

Their design methods are best summarized by two words: analogue / digital. Although they embrace rapid prototyping like CNC milling and 3D printing, nothing beats free flow sketching, modelling, and tinkering to come to new solutions and shapes. They like to work hands on but also use a network of craftsmen and developers to come up with new designs.

Koen en Willem met three years ago. While Willem was a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Koen was studying electronical engineering and design*. As a sidejob, Koen worked at a small hardware store in the centre of Utrecht, which Willem frequently visited while searching for parts for school projects.

After a couple of weeks, they started talking about what inspired them and what would be their personal dreams. Those dreams turned out to be quite similar: making beautifull, and high quality designs that could stand the test of time.

Not long after they started on their first pet project: an impossible clock that they would – as they now know – never finish**. But the collaboration was a lot of fun and they found out they where complementary to each other. In short: Willem thinks up technical impossible concepts and Koen makes them possible.  This resulted in their first collection, the Kocohedron collection.

*Both of them did not finish their studies because they found that realizing their dreams was more fulfilling.

**But who knows what the future will bring…..So be sure to come back regularly.