Willem Schouten [left] and Koen Coppens met in a small
hardware store in the old city centre of Utrecht where Koen
worked as a side job to his studies in electronic engineering
and design. Willem, who studied at the Design Academy
Eindhoven at the time, loved to roam the store looking for
parts. The two got talking.
Discussing their highly specific tinker / maker issues and
sharing thoughts on their future they soon realised they’d
found their match.
Willem Schouten and Koen Coppens share a determination
to make the seemingly impossible possible, for the sake of
creating durable and functional design objects of the highest
possible quality and undeniable beauty. Their design method
is a symbiosis of analogue and digital, handy work and high
tech. If necessary they even invent and make their own machines,
and they won’t leave a stone unturned to find the technical
expertise to realise their vision.
Motivated by the simplicity of mathematic design, Willem
and Koen adopted a range of frames for their Kocohedron
Collection. The inspiration for the collection arose from
the irony of traditional lamps that, when not in use, tend to
block natural light during the daytime. By integrating the
light source into the construction of the frame, Willem and
Koen address this paradox, creating structures that allow
for natural light to pass through while also casting dynamic
shadows when in use. They are both complex and minimalist.
Expansive yet spacious.