Kocowisch’s ode to the beauty of mathematical
shapes is completed with a collection of pendant
jewellery in the same shapes as The Kocohedron
Collection of lamps. The small rhombidodecahedron,
regular hexahedron, hexahedron and tetrahedron
shaped pendants are made using the ‘lost wax
casting process’.
A 3D printed positive model in wax is covered in a
ceramic coating, which is then heated to melt the
wax, leaving a hollow mold to be filled with molten
After cooling, the pendants are polished and gold
plated in either 18-karat gold or 14-karat rose gold.
The Kocohedron Jewellery Collection is also available
in 18K pure gold and solid sterling silver. Each
pendant comes with a choice of fine cords.